Why is Horse Racing losing market share

Horse racing has always been popular, and it has always been an important betting industry. However, lately it has been losing market share, for several reasons.

First of all, the general enthusiasm for horse racing has gone down. This is because of all of the events that are now available in more locations. For instance, someone wanting to win money can go to casinos online, or can bet on any type of other race or event on the internet. Therefore, horse races aren't being as highly attended as they were, and losing market share.

Another reason that horse racing is losing market share is that often the horse racing industry is not able to keep up with the advances in betting techniques and in better preferences. As time goes on, more people prefer to bet smaller amounts at once, which is generally hard to do at a racing track.

People who are used to playing slot machines, where they can bet  25 cents or less at once, want to have these types of better procedures in their horse racing as well.  Some tracks have instituted new betting techniques, that better match the new "slot" and casino attitudes, and these tracks are doing much better than others. However, if tracks do not implement these types of better procedures, they will not find the success that they would like to find.

Lastly, horse racing is losing market share because it is simply not advancing as well as it should. Therefore, in order to advance more quickly, horse racing must allow itself to grow and change with the times.

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